Monday, February 8, 2010

Feeling happy :)

I feel incredibly happy and at peace right now. I de-stressed from a semi-crappy day at work by playing my piano for the last hour. I closed my eyes and just let go. It felt amazing to touch the keys and let my fingers guide me. I created some beautiful music and some interesting chords too, to say the least. ;) I am grateful to God for my musical gifts. I need to cultivate that more and I intend to. I've been tuning into my heart's desires to create and enjoy my favorite things lately and it feels so good. I've been playing my instruments, writing, reading, relaxing, putting together puzzles, and enjoying fresh air when the weather's been lovely. This is what life is all about- enjoying, experiencing, and fulfilling that "bucket list," one item at a time. What's on my bucket list? Lots of things- and number one being enjoying life. Check. Except that check-mark is ever-lasting. :)

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  1. Beautiful! I didn't know you had a blog, how fun! I always love another option of keeping in touch with my cousins! :) Love you Ashley. I'm glad you're enjoying life so much.