Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ripples of Water

I found my old meditation notebook today! This is like gold to me. I took 'Meditation' as one of my core creative classes at Sonoma State University- (gotta love liberal CA schools!!!) and I found one of my favorite entries that I wrote after a session...

Thursday, 2/23/06

Ripples of water. I am swimming in the sea of the night sky. The water is black, illuminated by stars. The moonlight reflects on its surface as I swim naked, feeling the coolness as it rushes around me. I move my arms, I create more ripples. I float on my back, more ripples. I let my body sink into the inky black and resurface again, reborn into sunlight and light blue waters. I am refreshed. I feel anew, the sunlight warms my naked body. I am at peace. I feel tranquility. Ripples of water, still around me.


I love how reading that passage makes me feel. It is raw and unedited, a true part of myself at that time. It makes me remember what I was experiencing- change, wonder, and new ways of thinking. I need to start meditating again- it brings so much clarity and creativity to the surface and is quite inspirational! I'm already letting some ideas cook and I'm feeling quite excited about it! Dream interpretation, one of my passions, has a role in it... ;)

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